What are the features of hydraulic cone crushers?

What are the features of hydraulic cone crushers?

As the hot product of Lei Meng machinery, hydraulic cone crusher takes many advantages which make it popular in the market.

1. Hydraulic cone crusher removes complex adjusting rings, supporting rings and spring components of spring machine due to hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection. The structure of the equipment is simplified and the weight is light.

2. The working principle of hydraulic cone crusher is to continuously crush materials with the rotation of the moving cone, which has high production efficiency and stable operation.

3. Hydraulic cone crusher can change the size of eccentricity by replacing eccentric sleeve to meet the needs of different crushing materials.

4. Bearings on the upper and lower parts of hydraulic cone crusher’s main shaft are improved by force.

5. The eccentricity angle of moving cone spindle is small because of the simple-supported beam structure, which is only 1/2 of spring machine. Therefore, the breaking cone is relatively steep and the crushing chamber is long, which improves the uniformity of crushing process.

6. Only operate the hydraulic system control valve can finish adjusting discharge port. If the iron is stuck, it can be eliminated by controlling the moving cone up and down by manipulating the hydraulic operation valve, thus reducing the labor intensity and technical difficulty of the operators.

7. Hydraulic cone crusher adopts sealed cylinder structure to prevent dust, which is more reliable than water seal of spring machine.