Cleaning method of stone crusher accessory?

Cleaning method of stone crusher accessory?

Let’s talk about the cleaning method of stone crusher accessory.

First, machine cleaning

The stone crusher adopts the machine cleaning method with ultrasonic cleaning and vibration cleaning. The two cleaning methods mainly simulate artificial cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning doesn't need to remove accessories, directly use ultrasonic signals, and align the parts that need to be cleaned. For vibration cleaning, it is necessary to disassemble the cleaned parts and put them into the washing machine for cleaning.


Second, manual cleaning

Manual cleaning of stone crusher accessories are environmental protection and easy to clean. For manual cleaning parts, firstly, the parts that should be cleaned need to be disassembled; second, the water in the cleaning tank is heated to about 80 degrees Celsius, diesel or kerosene is added to infuse the water; third, the water temperature in the cleaning tank is lowered to the human body temperature, then the staff can use the cleaning brush to brush off the dust in the stone crusher accessories. After cleaning, wipe it off with cotton gauze.

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