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Cleaning method of stone crusher accessory?

Let’s talk about the cleaning method of stone crusher accessory.First, machine cleaningThe stone crusher adopts the machine cleaning method with ultrasonic cleaning and vibration cleaning. The two cleaning methods mainly simulate artificial cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning doesn't need to remove accessories, directly use ultrasonic signals, and align the parts that need to be cleaned. For vibration cleaning, it is necessary to disassemble the cleaned parts and put them into the washing machine for cleaning. Second, manual cleaningManual cleaning of stone crusher accessories are environmental protection and easy to clean. For manual cleaning parts, firstly, the parts that should be cleaned need to be disassembled; second, the water in the cleaning tank is heated to about 80 degrees Celsius, diesel or kerosene is added to infuse the water; third, the water temperature in the cleaning tank is lowered to the human body temperature, then the staff can use the cleaning brush to brush off the dust in the stone crusher accessories. After cleaning, wipe it off with cotton gauze.If you are interested in the cleaning method of stone crusher accessory, you can click on the online customer service for a detailed consultation.

What are the features of hydraulic cone crushers?

As the hot product of Lei Meng machinery, hydraulic cone crusher takes many advantages which make it popular in the market.1. Hydraulic cone crusher removes complex adjusting rings, supporting rings and spring components of spring machine due to hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection. The structure of the equipment is simplified and the weight is light.2. The working principle of hydraulic cone crusher is to continuously crush materials with the rotation of the moving cone, which has high production efficiency and stable operation.3. Hydraulic cone crusher can change the size of eccentricity by replacing eccentric sleeve to meet the needs of different crushing materials.4. Bearings on the upper and lower parts of hydraulic cone crusher’s main shaft are improved by force.5. The eccentricity angle of moving cone spindle is small because of the simple-supported beam structure, which is only 1/2 of spring machine. Therefore, the breaking cone is relatively steep and the crushing chamber is long, which improves the uniformity of crushing process.6. Only operate the hydraulic system control valve can finish adjusting discharge port. If the iron is stuck, it can be eliminated by controlling the moving cone up and down by manipulating the hydraulic operation valve, thus reducing the labor intensity and technical difficulty of the operators.7. Hydraulic cone crusher adopts sealed cylinder structure to prevent dust, which is more reliable than water seal of spring machine.

Why should the motor of mining machinery be overloaded?

The basic characteristic of the load of mining machinery is uneven impact load. When the belt moves normally, impact load will also have a great impact on the motor, pulley and belt, which results in motor overcurrent, heating, too fast abrasion of belt and pulley. On the one hand, it will increase the cost of equipment and spare parts of mining machinery, and on the other hand, it will increase the failure time of mining machinery, and reduce the operating rate of equipment. The loss is very large. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the motor of mining machinery and equipment from overload. The common method of motor overload protection is to add a hydraulic coupling between the motor and the pulley of mining machinery. Hydraulic coupling has strong overload protection ability.

How to prolong the service life of sand making machine?

The main crushing form of artificial sand production machine is crushing. After accelerating the rocks, under the impact of the throwing head, some of them collide with the crushing chamber, some of them collide with the rocks. The wear of the main throwing head is very serious under the impact of the rocks for a long time. After a period of time, it must be replaced. Otherwise, it will not only affect the crushing effect, but also affect the rotor body. The abrasion of rotor-body will affect its dynamic balance and easily lead to spindle fractures. It takes about some money to replace the throwing head of a sand production equipment, which results in a great waste. The wear of main throwing head is mainly caused by impact wear after impact. Each group of throwing head has nine components, and the middle three wear most seriously. In order not to affect the dynamic balance of the rotor, they should be totally replaced, which results in great waste. Therefore, adjusting the load on the main throwing head can prolong the service life of throwing head.Rotor speed is an important factor affecting the crushing quality, efficiency and service life of sand making machine, but the crushing effect is not always improved with the increase of speed. High speed will also aggravate the wear of the main throwing head, even seriously affecting the service life of artificial sand production equipment. The experimental data shows that the force of the main throwing head is balanced at 1400-1500r/min and 1600-1750r/min, and the rotors can run smoothly, thus prolonging their service life.

What equipment do I need to install a sand and stone production line?

The production of sand and gravel comes from the processing of raw ore (limestone, river pebbles, granite, basalt, etc.) in gravel and mechanical sand, and it is generally necessary to use crusher and sand making equipment.  The crusher usually includes a jaw crusher (for coarse crushing), a cone crusher (for fine crushing in hard rock) and a vertical shaft impact crusher (for fine crushing of fragile materials) to meet stone production. In general. The sand making machine, that is the vertical shaft impact crusher, can crush the finely crushed stone to make it meet the sand standard for construction. If you want to know more information about crushing and sand making equipment, you can supply raw materials, capacity, input size, output size and other information to contact online customer service, our technical staff will answer you to make the selection and configuration and the project budget.